Who's Behind The Site...

Hi there!  We are Pat and Angie Cherubini and we have had our own website design and online marketing company now for over 24 years.

Over the years we have helped and worked with hundreds of businesses all over the country set up their online presence.  The best thing about it is we are not niche-specific which has allowed us to learn about all kinds of businesses.

A directory has always been something we wanted to do to showcase the businesses we work with and help bring attention to more!

Too many directories have been consumed by the big box businesses who typically have the money to be seen everywhere.  They rule the ad space and feature area.  We do love them, but this site is not the place for them.

Most importantly, we decided this was not the place for consumers to bash a business.  There are other directories for that.  We don't want reviews, we want recommendations and why you recommend them.  What's their vibe?  If you don't have a nice thing to say, just don't say it here.

100% positive vibes only from the locals who know.

Pat and Angie Cherubini