Meet The Vibe Tribe!
AKA Our "About Us" Page

Pat and Angie Cherubini Local Vibes Co Founders
Pat and Angie Cherubini Co-Founders

Hi there!  We are Pat and Angie Cherubini and we have had our own website design and online marketing company now for over 25 years.  It is called The Cherubini Company.

Over the years we have helped and worked with hundreds of businesses all over the country set up their online presence and increase it with digital marketing.  The best thing about it is we are not niche-specific which has allowed us to learn about all kinds of businesses.

We love local and we oooze Local Vibes.  We are just a mom and pop web shop that has made it our mission to help other mom and pops compete better in a world full of big box globo chains that don't give a shit about us!

What started as a local business directory which has always been something we wanted to do to showcase the businesses we work with and help bring attention to more, has turned into a revolution of support local friends and community members.

One of our favorite mottos is "Help People.  Get Results.  Period."  And we live by that. 

Even if you aren't a paid client of ours we can still help you out by giving you the right information and pointing you in the right direction.

We've created an entire system that helps local business owners get more customers, using paid ads, without spending a ton of time trying to do it themselves, or spending a ton of money on overpriced marketing agencies!

If you had access to this, what kind of results do you think you’d get?  What are you waiting for?

Local Vibes Helps Small Businesses Make More Money Using Websites and Paid Traffic
By Doing Just 3 Things...

  1. We build your marketing machine - a high converting, lead generating, MONEY MAKING, website and marketing machine tailored to your business model and income goals.
  2. We amp it up - We help you drive as much quality traffic as possible through your website, effectively turning $1 into 2, 3, or more.
  3. We coach you to drive it fast! - We stick with you to help you ruthlessly optimize and upgrade your traffic and customer/patient acquisition by continuous coaching and consulting for as long as you are a client!

Other agencies try to be a jack of all trades and are mediocre at best. 

For your benefit, we have chosen to focus on our “3 things”, we do them dangerously well, and it makes it WAY easier on you.

By mastering our “3 things” we’ve been able to accomplish the “1 thing” that business owners expect from their websites and marketing… RESULTS!  Results in the form of more customers and faster growth… i.e. PROFITS.  

We do this so you can focus on delivering your "1 thing"… servicing your customers or patients or whatever it is that your business provides.

Most customers aren't ignoring you, you are just invisible!

There is so much going on in the world for people to actually notice you.  The bigger problem of most local businesses is actually obscurity.  Most people don’t even know you exist!

You must put your business in front of more people and stand out or you will stay invisible!  And… you must do that without wasting your time and money on random strategies that don’t work well or at all. 

Multiple strategies = NO STRATEGY

You need a proven strategy.  You need a consistent stream of customer creating traffic with some automation to keep the momentum up and profits flowing. 

You need what we call a "lead machine".

Many clients find us because they’ve tried just about everything and nothing seems to work like they hoped it would.  They end up spending too much time and way too much money trying to figure out what to do that they don’t do what’s really required to grow their business.  They tell us all the time “I’ve tried everything and now I just don’t even know what to do”.

They are really in need of a team of experts who can implement a proven strategy and get the results they’ve dreamed of.

That’s what we do.

Our Signature Specialty: 

High Converting, Lead Generating Websites
powered by Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

AKA - Money Machines!

After 25+ years of internet marketing for local businesses and millions and millions of dollars generated for our clients from our marketing, we’ve found our “Lead Machines” and paid traffic to be the best way to quickly move any business to the top of their market.

Our clients have ranged from a one woman wallpaper removal service to contractors to schools and gyms to doctors of all kinds all the way to dealers selling $700,000 custom vehicles.  And everything in between.

When you become our client, we do it all for you and never leave you.
  • Design and build your own custom website/money machine
  • Reactivate your current list for fast sales
  • Automate your follow up and autoresponders
  • Write your first ads
    • a. either show you how to run them without us or our fees,
    • b. or we can manage your ad campaigns for you with a monthly retainer (optional)
  • Coach and consult you to improve month after month!

It’s our favorite thing in the world…  and it pays us well.  🙂

Good News, Bad News…

The bad news is that we DO NOT accept just anyone.  We aren’t a good fit if you are content with 2nd place, or aren’t interested in dominating your competitors.

The good news is that if you’re looking to become the best in your market and won’t settle for anything less than domination of your competitors, then we want to work with you.  

If that’s you, here’s what you need to do next:

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