Trent Lundberg of Backroom Coffee on Local Vibes poscast

014 Trent Lundberg of Backroom Coffee Roasters

We met Trent Lundberg a few years ago at a mountain bike race.  Listen to his story to hear the connection he has to the biking community and why his company is called "Backroom" Coffee. But first, let me apologize... the audio kinda sucks!  This is Pat writing this and it's my fault.  As Mr. Deeds would say "my bad". I had a new toy and I failed at ...
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Pat and Angie Cherubini Local Marketing Experts

013 Pat and Angie Cherubini Set the Scene for Our Upcoming Podcasts

According to Amplifi and Podnews there are almost 4 million podcasts as of 2023. Wanna know how hard it is to keep up and keep making podcasts?  We're tryin'! Out of the 4 million only 18% have more than 10 shows posted. 44% only have 1 or 2 shows!  That's almost 1.8 million podcasts never get to show # 3! That leaves us to the consistent shows... less than ...
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Case Study - Dentist

How This Dentist Turned 71 Leads Into Way More Than $71,000 In Just 30 Days

This works for any business, not just dentists!  Watch to see how.   Hey. Hey, this is Pat Cherubini from Local Vibes. I was just going over some stats for a current client, one of our many clients. This one is a dentist, and I thought I'd share it so you could see what kind of results you can expect from our lead machines. I know you get tired ...
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No one comments on my social media business posts.

Do you ever wonder why no one comments on your business posts?

https://smallbusinessowners.us/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/No-one-comments-on-biz-stuff.mp4 No one comments on biz stuff. Just accept it. I'm sure you deal with this. I know you do because you're a business owner and when you post things on your personal profile, you know nobody comments, and when it comes to business, they only comment on, cute family things or cat things. But people do watch and we know that now that I'm going back out in ...
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Storm Strout of CrossFit Veneration

012 Storm Strout: How This CrossFit Gym Owner Turned His Passion Into A Thriving Community

Meet Storm Strout, the definition of a young successful entrepreneur. He decided 7 years ago that creating a thriving, healthy community was his passion and so CrossFit Veneration of Johnstown was born. It was not always easy especially in a small community to dedicate a gym to one particular style or method. Those that know CrossFit understand that it is not just a gym. It's not just the workouts ...
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Bree Murner of just a walk home kennel

011 Bree Murner: Not Your Ordinary Labradoodle Breeder

As with many of our podcast guests so far, Bree is a client and friend.  She is also the breeder to 2 out of our 3 Labradoodles and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else in the future.  Having experience in special needs and years of breeding experience, Bree is able to help families find the perfect fit when it comes to a furry addition. Not only does she ...
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Dr. Derek Myers of Kinect Rehab

010 Dr. Derek Myers: How One Dr.’s Passion For Health And Wellness Is Changing Lives

Dr. Derek Myers is a chiropractor with a passion for health and wellness. This has led him to develop a unique approach to chiropractic care that is helping people regain their health and vitality. Dr. Myers is changing the lives of his patients, but he is also changing the way that people think about health and wellness. He’s inspiring and life-changing and is making a real difference in the ...
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missed call text back

Never Miss Another Call Again

You know how your phone always seems to ring when you are in the middle of something that you can't stop?  Like talking to a customer, or doing your job for a customer... How many people actually leave a message?  Not many, right?  How much business have you lost? I have the answer... to answering your customers.  I call it "missed call - text back"!  It is a simple ...
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Andy Lynd of Lynd Fruit Farm

009 Andy Lynd: How Lynd Fruit Farm Grew Their List To 43k!

Andy Lynd is a 4th generation Farmer at Lynd Fruit Farm in Central Ohio. This family farm has a long and rich history, having started as a small market on Route 40 back in the 1940s. The market was eventually sold in the mid-1970s, and the farm began wholesaling instead. But that didn't stop them from continuing to grow and expand over the years. One of the key factors ...
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Justin Jones of American Hero Hunt

008 Justin Jones: How A Veteran’s Passion Gives Back To American Heroes

Justin Jones is a true American hero. As a veteran himself, Justin knew he wanted to find a way to give back to other service members and first responders. In 2016, he started taking other veterans out on hunting trips to reconnect with nature and bond with others who shared similar experiences. Over time, this hobby turned into an official organization called American Hero Hunt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4rM_XxjVtI Through this group, ...
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Selena Thrasher - Tristegus

007 Salena Thrasher: How Google Put This Goat Farm On The Map

One day, Salena went to buy chickens but came back with chickens and a goat. Unbeknownst to her, this would be the start of her business, Tristegus. She soon found out that goats cannot be by themselves. So, it wasn't long before she had a small herd of her own. And when she found herself with excess milk, she decided to put her creativity to work and start making ...
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Albie Delgado Local Vibes Podcast

006 Albie Delgato: Follow Up Secrets From The Solar Guy

Albie Delgato is no stranger to hard work. He worked in the mortgage industry for years until the housing market crash in 2008. After that, he found himself selling services and then eventually landed in the solar sector two years ago. Throughout his job experiences, Albie has carried over multiple skills that have helped him in business. One of the most significant factors that makes him very successful is ...
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Chod Yarnelli of Chodeats.com

005 How Chod Yarnelli Grew A Facebook Foodie Group From 0 To 65.7K

What started as a joke from taking pictures of their food and posting them on Facebook has turned into a foodie powerhouse that is helping save local restaurants by working with them to get the word out and stay relevant during a time that has been extremely tough on the mom and pop shops of the world. Local foodies Chod Yarnelli, an electrician by trade, and his wife Jodi ...
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jimmy boheler of The Freight Train

004 Jimmy Boheler: How I Fired My Boss And Went Full-Time Work From Home

Get ready for this episode with Jimmy Boheler. It's packed with all the golden nuggets of information from motivation to his story; you'll be sure to take something good away from this episode. Before the pandemic, Jimmy was selling life insurance. However, that became hard to connect with people in person. Jimmy knew that he loved serving the public and helping others, so he started to work for the ...
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michael hirst of Hirst Solar Consulting

003 Michael Hirst: From Army Veteran to Solar Consultant Making the American Dream True

The pride of a veteran is evident in Michael Hirst's work ethic. He never gave up on himself or those around him, especially when faced with adversity. Michael had a job lined up to go back overseas, but he was faced with the possibility of unemployment again when the pandemic hit. Michael researched jobs online, and that's when he came across the solar industry! Michael began working in solar ...
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kim workman escapeit escape room

002 How Kim Workman Built An Escape Room Business From Scratch

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy; our Local Vibes podcast spotlights the hardworking men and women who make them successful! In our latest episode, we sit down with Kim Workman, owner of Escape It, escape rooms in Newark, Ohio. Kim shares her inspiring story of how she got started in the business six years ago and overcame the challenges in her business. She also talks about ...
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Pat and Angie Cherubini Local Vibes Creators

001 Local Vibes with Pat and Angie Cherubini

Welcome to the Local Vibes Podcast!  We are so excited about this!!! The pilot!  The beginning.  Episode numero uno... If you know us, you already know that we love small businesses.  We love the local communities.  We love to shop local, eat local, drink local, support local... everything local.  In every town and city, not just ours.  We love mom and pops.  We love family businesses.  And, you know ...
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Power Wash Your Way To Success With Your Website!

Check out one of our website designs, Tru-Clean Wash Solutions! https://www.trucleanwashsolutions.com/ A simple, clean design made to capture the eye of customers created in our software, Justine. Don't believe it? Just see what the owner of Tru-Clean said! "If you are a business looking to grow your customer base, look no further than the Ultimate Online Marketing team! They offer quality, professional service with a personal touch. They care ...
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Why Every Business Needs a Website

  Most businesses these days have a website. It has become an essential part of doing business. There are many reasons why every business should have a website, but we will discuss three of the most important ones here. First, a website is a great way to market your products and services. You can use it to tell people about what you offer, how much it costs, where they ...
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How to Create a Vision Board: Your Guide to Achieving Your Dreams

Do you want to achieve your dreams in 2022?    If so, you need to create a vision board. A vision board is a tool that helps you visualize your goals and objectives. It's a collection of images and words representing what you want to achieve. Some people believe that putting their dreams out into the universe makes them more likely to come true. So, why not create a ...
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find your ideal client with two steps

Find Your Ideal Client In Two Steps

Who is YOUR ideal client, patient or customer? Do you REALLY know? Before you can advertise effectively you need to answer this question or you are simply throwing money away. When you run an ad or boost a post do you actually know WHO your ideal client is? Do you just assume you know? This is the mistake we see over and over again. Knowing more about your ideal ...
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Stop Wasting Money On Facebook Ads

https://youtu.be/33joX0UXL1w Have you noticed that you are getting calls from out-of-state after starting your Facebook ad or boosted post? You are probably wasting your money because you haven't set your location. Let me show you how simple it is to set a location and finally get your ad to work for you vs. wasting your money! Did you catch my latest tip on The Shiny Object Syndrome? Don't miss ...
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Customer Research For Beginners

How to Do Customer Research: For Beginners

If you want to succeed in business, you need to know your customer. Why is it important? Customer research can help you understand your target audience, what they want and need, and how best to reach them. Start by creating customer personas. A customer persona is a fictional representation of your target customer. It includes demographic information, such as age, gender, income level, and other information, such as interests ...
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Video Marketing 101

Video Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. It can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and convert leads into customers. Let's break it down with tips on how you can start using videos to grow your brand. It would be best to keep in mind a few things regarding video marketing. First, think about what you want to achieve with your videos. ...
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shiny object syndrome

Online Marketing Tip #12 – The Shiny Object Syndrome

Tip #12...Don't get caught up in the Shiny Object Syndrome! Marketing on all social platforms, search engines, and your website can get overwhelming. You are hustled daily on shiny new ways to advertise or manage your business. What should you do? Find a group, course, or mentor to guide you... that you know, like, and trust.    Doing this yourself can be done so do your research and find ...
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Text Message Marketing

5 Tips for Getting Started with Text Message Marketing

If you're looking for a way to connect with your customers, you should consider using text message marketing. This is a great way to keep customers informed about what's going on with your business. In this post, I'll provide five tips on how to get started with text message marketing. Tip #01: Establish a goal for your text marketing campaign. Before you launch a text marketing campaign, you need ...
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run google and facebook ads

Online Marketing Tip #11 – Run Google and Facebook Ads

Stop throwing your money away on advertising that is not 24/7. When done right online ads ARE your way to go. Traditional advertising CAN be effective to support online advertising but, no other medium can reach more eyes and be more targeted than online ads. In some cases depending on your industry, they can be very inexpensive. You will also have stats to support what you do that no ...
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contact your old leads

Online Marketing Tip #10 – Contact Your Old Leads

Tip #10...contact old leads Make it a point to catch up with past leads that didn't say "no" but said, "no not right now".  We never think about reaching out to people who opt into advertising we do but just weren't ready at that time. These are people who were once interested but for some reason couldn't pull the trigger.  If they didn't tell you to stop contacting them, ...
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Email Marketing 101: A Guide to Getting Started

Email marketing is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to connect with your customers and keep them up-to-date on your products and services. Let's talk about the basics of email marketing and tips for getting started!   The first step in email marketing is creating a list of email addresses. This can be done by manually gathering email addresses from your customers or using ...
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build your brand

Build Your Brand with Content Marketing

Content marketing is the perfect way to build your brand. It's all about creating content that engages with your audience, communicates your message, and boosts SEO ranking. You can use content marketing in various ways to do this, some more obvious than others. For instance, you could run contests on social media or collaborate with other bloggers on guest posts. But there are so many ways to get started!  ...
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answer your phone

Online Marketing Tip #9 – Answer Your Phone

Tip #9...Answer your phone! This is by far the #1 biggest issue we've had with doing marketing for clients.  People don't answer their phones so they say marketing doesn't work. Many times the issue revolves around the front desk NOT doing their job.  IF you invest in agency services or you decide to run ads yourself be sure to get a tracking phone number. This is a perfect way ...
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Do customer research online

Marketing Tip #8 – Do Customer Research

Tip #8...Do customer research as something new this year!   Run a survey and find out what your customer want or need! You can do a simple survey on Facebook. Remember, you may think you know what your clients need but sometimes you will be surprised! The answers they give not only can help you improve your business, but they can also offer you PERFECT topics for a blog ...
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optimize your social media profiles

Marketing Tip #7 – Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Tip #7...Optimize your social media profiles Make sure all your information is the same on all platforms ie: websites, descriptions/elevator pitches, logos, and images. Make sure your call-to-actions match so customers will not get confused when visiting any platform to find you. Keeping a clear consistent color scheme with the message makes them feel confident that you are to be trusted. Remember, confusion = lost leads so keep them ...
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create a facebook business page

Marketing Tip #6 – Create a Facebook Business Page

Tip #6...Create a Facebook Page For Your Business Why? Because you can't run ads on your personal profile. If you want to run ads or boost on FB you have to have a business page and yes a business page must be attached to a profile. Is this something every business should have?  Yes...running ads can be a great way to generate leads for your business without having to ...
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define your cta or call-to-action

Marketing tip #5 – Define Your Call-To-Action

It's good to have a distinct offer or call-to-action of what you do or what you want someone to do when they get on your site, social media or see any advertising from you. Think of a CTA as you are trying to solve a problem for them or offer a solution.  The more clear you are with your offer or what you do the more likely they are ...
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build up your reviews

Marketing Tip #4 of 12: Build Up Your Reviews!

Tip #4....Build up your reviews! Did you realize that if you took just 5 minutes out of your day and contacted 1 client or customer asking for a review, in a month you would have at least 20 reviews?  Most people read at least 10 before they use your service or buy your products.  Why NOT control what they see!  Use your reviews on your website generated from your ...
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Build a client SMS/text list

Marketing Tip #3 of 12: Build a Client Text List

Tip #3! Build a client text list Afraid to do this?  don't be. I have so many agency clients that are afraid to do this. They believe they are "bugging" their clients. This is far from the case if done right! It's now the way of the future of communication IF done correctly.  Start compiling names and cell phone numbers.  You can do this at the same time you ...
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build your text

How to Stay in Touch with Your Clients: Build a Client Text List

  It's always important to stay organized and in touch with your clients, but keeping track of their contact information can be challenging. That is why text lists are the perfect solution! Text lists are a great way to show your clients that you appreciate them because they take little effort on your part - just text or email them when you want to reach out, and all their ...
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10 Tips to Improve Your Online Presence

Are you looking to take your online business presence up a notch? There are many ways to do this! By putting in a little extra effort, you can improve your online presence and begin to stand out. Keep reading for ten tips that will help you get started!   Tip #01: Make sure your website is up to date and looks professional. A website that is outdated or looks ...
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tip #2 build a client email list

Marketing tip #2 of 12: Build a Client Email List

I'm still at it! Actually, get used to this...I'm going to be on video so much more In the upcoming months. Here's my tip #2 out of 12 for online marketing. Build a client email list!   I know, I know you've heard this over and over again from people like me but I can tell you it's true!  Just look at the successful people in your industry and I ...
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Google Business Profile – Formerly Google My Business

Marketing Tip #1 of 12: Get Your Google Business Profile

Hi, I'm Angie and for the next few days, I'm going to be doing short simple video tips.   When I say short I mean 30 sec to a minute tops so you can't help but watch.  I want to help you in 2022 navigate online marketing. Tip #1...Get your Google Business Profile formally Google My Business - it's easy to do and it's free so there is no reason ...
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The Importance of Building an Email List

Many people see email lists as old-fashioned and outdated, but the truth is that it's one of the most valuable assets available to any business. Building an email list is an excellent way to keep in touch with customers or potential clients, build brand loyalty, and reach new prospects. If you're looking for more information on how to create your list, this blog post will give you some great tips! ...
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Weekly plan

A Successful Week Starts With A Plan

Do you plan your week out for family and work? I do now! 🙋‍♀️ It's one of my changes in 2022.  I like to plan my week out on Sunday so I don't have to think about it on Monday.     Here's my order of importance on my plan: ✅ Family Dinner Night (I have to schedule this during the week since they are all gone on the weekends!) ...
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Google My Business name change to Google Business Profile

Google Changes Google My Business to Google Business Profile

Dear Google, please quit changing names! I JUST got used to calling it Google My Business and you up and changed to Google Business Profile. Google has announced that it is changing the name of Google My Business to Google Business Profile. This change will help to ensure that business owners have a clear and concise way to manage their online presence. Did you know this? Do you have ...
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is social media using you?

Are You Using Social Media Or Is It Using You?

I use social media as "business media". Here's how: 1. Get in. 2. Create something with the purpose of moving your business ahead. 3. Deliver value with respect to the viewer's time. 4. Provide a strong "next step". 5. Get out! Make it worth the 10 minutes to create or do something else. Don't get caught gawking at someone's breakfast or you will end up burning time that could ...
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Ultimate Online Marketing -pat-pillars

4 Pillars of the Local Vibes System.  Don’t Do Pillar 4 Wrong!

Pat Cherubini - Local Vibes Co-Founder The number one question we get from business owners is always something like "how do I market/advertise my business"?  It all seems so simple but there is so much online marketing information out there that we all get overwhelmed and don't do enough. Instead of answering like most marketers and saying "it depends", or "let's book a call", or "pay us first", we ...
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