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Find Your Ideal Client In Two Steps

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find your ideal client with two stepsWho is YOUR ideal client, patient or customer?

Do you REALLY know?

Before you can advertise effectively you need to answer this question or you are simply throwing money away.

When you run an ad or boost a post do you actually know WHO your ideal client is? Do you just assume you know? This is the mistake we see over and over again.

Knowing more about your ideal client or avatar is an important step in creating an effective ad campaign that works. Find out their pains, their fears, their wants, and desires for your product or service. You may be surprised at who your ideal client or avatar really is!

Why do this?

You can then create an irresistible offer targeted to them. You will develop a connection to your ideal client who now feels you are speaking to them. They will be more likely to click on your ad because they can relate to you.

How do you find your ideal client?

There are two quick ways or steps to do this:

  1. run a survey on social media
  2. send a survey to your client list

Set yourself up for success with your online advertising this year. Don't waste your money.

Remember, 3rd party sites will always take your money even if your campaign isn't working.

It's up to YOU to make sure your advertising is working and reaching your ideal clients!

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Topic starter Posted : February 2, 2022 6:32 am