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[Sticky] Make an impact or be impacted! Good or bad, you choose.

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The I in F.L.I.P. stands for IMPACT 

Impact started out as influence, but I don’t think people truly understand the power of your circle has on one’s life.

Everyone has friends, and even family, that are a bad influence on them.  Not always making them do bad things but just the negativity that surrounds a lot of people. 

That negativity flows into their circle and truly has way more than just influence… it has an IMPACT on you! 

You must choose who you let impact you. 

If someone in your family has a negative impact you need to either help them become positive or remove them from your circle.  You can still love people, even family, but that doesn’t mean you have to be around them much allowing them to impact you! 

Impact goes both ways. 

Find leaders, mentors and people further along than you to learn from to help you improve.  At the same time you should be making an impact on the world with your leadership and mentorship to those behind and around you too! 

It’s not about being above or below someone, its just being further ahead or behind. 

Reach up for help for yourself while reaching back to help others up.

Pat Cherubini
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Topic starter Posted : January 1, 2022 4:31 pm