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Add Your Logo and Images to Justine Media Library

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Hi everyone. Angie here. I want to show you now how you can load your logo and images that you want to use on the website into Justine so we are able to access them easily to get started on building your website. So what I want you to do is log back into Justine, and into your account.
And we are going to go to sites and then up here, we're going to go to Media, open up the media library. And it's as simple as clicking upload file and it's going to pull up a browser window and I'm going to pull in a couple of others let's pull in this logo and maybe this picture.
See how easy and quick it is? Super simple.
Get used to using the media library. Load the stuff up in there that you think that we will need. Make sure the logo is very high quality, preferably what's called a vector image or image which is like a PNG which is transparent, or a PDF. The best logo that you can give us is the best way to get this started. So hopefully this helps you and we'll talk to you soon.

Topic starter Posted : February 14, 2023 11:13 am