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How to Stay in Touch with Your Clients: Build a Client Text List

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build your textIt's always important to stay organized and in touch with your clients, but keeping track of their contact information can be challenging. That is why text lists are the perfect solution! Text lists are a great way to show your clients that you appreciate them because they take little effort on your part - just text or email them when you want to reach out, and all their info will go right into one place automatically. Plus, text lists make staying in touch easy by keeping all of your contacts' contact info consolidated, so you'll never forget who needs an update next time!


So let's build your text list using these steps!


- Start by compiling a list of all the clients you want to add to your text list. You can either use your existing client list or create a new text document and start from scratch.


- Next, you'll need to figure out which pieces of information are most important for each contact. For instance, if you were adding your mom as text contacts, the following fields would be helpful: "name," "phone number" (in case she needs directions), and "email address" (so you can stay in touch).


- Once you have your list of fields, it's time to start entering information! This part is easy - text or email your contacts and include the info you want to track. For example, if I wanted to add my contact info for a work meeting, I might text something like, "Hey! I look forward to talking later - text me your number and email address, so I can make sure you have all the info." Once my contact texts or emails me back, their information is automatically added.

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