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Marketing Tip #3 of 12: Build a Client Text List

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Tip #3! Build a client text list

Afraid to do this?  don't be.

I have so many agency clients that are afraid to do this. They believe they are "bugging" their clients. This is far from the case if done right!

It's now the way of the future of communication IF done correctly.  Start compiling names and cell phone numbers.  You can do this at the same time you are creating your email list too.  I guarantee you more people will respond to you through text than email so don't shy away from this.

Especially if they have given you their cell phone number through a form in-office or an opt-in on your website,  they have given you permission to contact them.  Here's the kicker...

To be effective...texting SHOULD be conversational and short.

Treat text campaigns as if you were talking to them personally.

It's not a deal dump or big paragraph they won't read anyway. Most of the time they think those are automated and move on.


Now, you CAN do it right with the right tools. More about that later!

Did you catch my last video?  Check it out too here: Video #2

Topic starter Posted : January 12, 2022 7:15 am