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Marketing tip #5 - Define Your Call-To-Action

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It's good to have a distinct offer or call-to-action of what you do or what you want someone to do when they get on your site, social media or see any advertising from you.

Think of a CTA as you are trying to solve a problem for them or offer a solution.  The more clear you are with your offer or what you do the more likely they are to do what you want...call,text, chat or fill out a form!

For instance, our client Tru-Clean Wash Solutions has a CTA of: CLEAN SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR DIRTY JOBS. Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services.  His headline tells you what he does and focuses on the reason you are on his site....you have a dirty job for him!

He has a clear headline and prominent ways to get in touch with him.  He has a click-to-call and a chat widget that are easy to use on all mobile devices.

Take this time to look at your own site and see if it has a clear call-to-action and easy ways to get in touch with YOU!

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Topic starter Posted : January 14, 2022 8:16 am