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How To Flip Facebook Live Videos!

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From my old YT channel:

So is it just me or do you hate when people are on Facebook lives and everything's backward? I'm going to show you how to fix that right now.
This morning I'm scrolling through Facebook, checking out what I'm getting ready to do for the day, and getting ready to go to work. I come across my buddy, Russell Brunson. He's the owner of ClickFunnels. He wrote this book, his buddy wrote this book. He's talking about his new book, which is Traffic Secrets, and he's showing it like this is his other book, Expert Secrets.

As he's talking about it, it's backwards. Does that drive you crazy? Because it drives me crazy. It's a short trip for me.

He's even talking about the shirt he had on that was showing backward in the video. In my opinion, if I'm going to work that hard on branding, pay people to design these things, and have a designed t-shirt, I would want people to see my branding the way I want it!
Now I'm wondering if Russell knows something I don't know. If he's tested that backward makes a difference. I don't know, but it drives me crazy. So if it drives you crazy, we'll show you how to fix it right now!
When you're on Facebook Live, and getting ready to go live before you actually go live, down here in the bottom corner is a little magic wand. You click on that, and there's a couple of buttons right here that flip it vertically or flip it horizontally. All you gotta do is click that button. Viola! We can read, and you can talk.
See my shirt Cher-u-bini. That's how you say it!
So, this is Pat Cherubini, and I hope that helps. If it drives you crazy, then take one extra second to click. Ooh, now it's backward. See how that works? Click that button to flip it horizontally. That way when you set your stuff up, you've got your books, you can see stuff, you can read it, and you can read your shirt.
It looks like you're driving on the correct side of the car. That's another one that drives me crazy. Hopefully this helped you! If you have any more questions, you can just hit me up in the comments. Be on the lookout for my next video. Have a great day!

Pat Cherubini
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