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Stop Being Afraid Of Being On Video! Here's How.

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Angie from our old YT channel:

Hi everyone, it’s Angie from My Video Blog! What I wanted to talk to everyone about today is concerning fear.

That’s one of the biggest things with the clients that we have that are already doing my video blog or just talking to clients about doing more social media marketing period, and getting out in front. They are scared! Fear is huge when it comes to this.

The best thing that I can tell you to do and the most important thing is to practice!
Practice with family or practice just by yourself. Like right now I’m sitting here, I actually have my two dogs in here. I’m in the office. Just pretend like you’re going to do the real thing. I promise you that you’ll do this 10 times over, and you’ll refine. Getting over that fear is a huge thing. One other thing that I told a client of ours to do is to really try to relate any video that you do to something about your life!

She is a dentist, and she has little ones. So what I told her to do is relate a video to that. How do you brush your little one’s teeth effectively? That’s coming from the perspective of you as a mom and also as you as the expert. What they’re doing in that same particular video is they’re going to relate to you as a person and a professional, and they get to see the real you.

That’s really the important thing, and that’s how you kind of get over the fear.

Just relate to people in the best way possible. So hopefully this tip help you today, and I hope you’re better at it tomorrow. See ya in the next video!

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