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Stop Wasting Money On Facebook Ads

Have you noticed that you are getting calls from out-of-state after starting your Facebook ad or boosted post? You are probably wasting your money because you haven’t set your location. Let me show you how simple it is to set

Marketing Tip #7 – Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Tip #7…Optimize your social media profiles Make sure all your information is the same on all platforms ie: websites, descriptions/elevator pitches, logos, and images. Make sure your call-to-actions match so customers will not get confused when visiting any platform to

Marketing Tip #6 – Create a Facebook Business Page

Tip #6…Create a Facebook Page For Your Business Why? Because you can’t run ads on your personal profile. If you want to run ads or boost on FB you have to have a business page and yes a business page

Are You Using Social Media Or Is It Using You?

I use social media as “business media”. Here’s how: 1. Get in. 2. Create something with the purpose of moving your business ahead. 3. Deliver value with respect to the viewer’s time. 4. Provide a strong “next step”. 5. Get