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013 Pat and Angie Cherubini Set the Scene for Our Upcoming Podcasts

According to Amplifi and Podnews there are almost 4 million podcasts as of 2023. Wanna know how hard it is to keep up and keep making podcasts?  We’re tryin’! Out of the 4 million only 18% have more than 10

Video Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. It can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and convert leads into customers. Let’s break it down with tips on how you can start using videos

Online Marketing Tip #12 – The Shiny Object Syndrome

Tip #12…Don’t get caught up in the Shiny Object Syndrome! Marketing on all social platforms, search engines, and your website can get overwhelming. You are hustled daily on shiny new ways to advertise or manage your business. What should you

Online Marketing Tip #9 – Answer Your Phone

Tip #9…Answer your phone! This is by far the #1 biggest issue we’ve had with doing marketing for clients.  People don’t answer their phones so they say marketing doesn’t work. Many times the issue revolves around the front desk NOT

Marketing Tip #3 of 12: Build a Client Text List

Tip #3! Build a client text list Afraid to do this?  don’t be. I have so many agency clients that are afraid to do this. They believe they are “bugging” their clients. This is far from the case if done

Marketing tip #2 of 12: Build a Client Email List

I’m still at it! Actually, get used to this…I’m going to be on video so much more In the upcoming months. Here’s my tip #2 out of 12 for online marketing. Build a client email list!   I know, I know